Wind turbine monitoring and control for professionals

A powerful tool to make smarter decisions, increase uptime and turbine production
OrbiSCADA offers you a great visual overview, real-time insight and analysis of turbine performance

User-friendly interface

The interface is designed with the user in mind. Intuitive and easy to navigate. Using OrbiSCADA is a seamless experience

Real-time data

You get extremely detailed insight from real-time data. Every second the system updates the different live metrics for each turbine

Data minute by minute

Logging data every minute assures you always have access to the latest turbine data for analyzing and optimizing performance

Export data

Exporting turbine data is a breeze. Pick one of the different formats, then you are all set to download the selected turbine data

Power curves

Analyzing and comparing power curves for defined periods is a strong tool. It is possible to identify issues and solutions.

Different access levels

When you buy an OrbiSCADA license you select your desired access level. That way you only pay for the functions you need

For professionals

As a wind turbine professional you benefit from the advanced analyzation, control and reconfiguration options in OrbiSCADA. It is possible to isolate and solve many issues remotely. Furthermore, you can optimize scheduled maintenance – the activity log and user observations make it possible to prepare and plan maintenance upfront

Stay focused

OrbiSCADA is essential to see the big picture as well as dive into details for a specific turbine. The dashboard is a great starting point to provide an overview of the turbines. The strong visual design makes it easy to navigate to specific turbines to focus on their metrics.

Access what you need

Turbine owners want to know how their turbine performs. The different access levels in OrbiSCADA gives the owner the possibility to get a license to only monitor performance. It’s affordable, easy and a great way to keep an eye on the daily performance.

Always one step ahead

The majority of OrbiSCADA users log in several times per day. A clear statement that the system serves as a great tool to stay on top of the tasks involved in improving turbine performance. Acting as early as possible is essential to increase turbine production. OrbiSCADA makes it very easy to act early.

800+Wind turbines

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The team behind OrbiSCADA is made of dedicated engineers with a strong background in the wind sector, software engineering and data science. OrbiSCADA was developed in 2013 and new features were continuously added ever since.

OrbiSCADA is owned by Orbital A/S – a Danish manufacturer of wind turbine components. The TMC3 wind turbine controller works perfectly in connection with OrbiSCADA.